ASM Division V promotes diagnostic immunology as a profession helping people.


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This division:
(i) Promotes research towards understanding the processes involved in the host immune system and its responses; encourages development and application of antibody, antigen, and molecular-based diagnostic procedures to assess the integrity and functioning of components of the host immune system, and supports clinical approaches to immune-mediated diseases;
(ii) Promulgates information on antibody, antigen, and molecular-based diagnostic procedures, including the significance, interpretation, and limitations of these assays; and
(iii) Encourages standardization and quality control of procedures and reagents used in clinical and diagnostic immunology laboratories.

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What's New

To see the activity plan for the Division V 2013 General Meeting, click here
Information about the ABMLI Board Examination is available here

From The Chair

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Abbott Award
The Abbot Award is sponsored by Division V, and the selection of the recipient is one of the highlights of Division V activity. The 2013 recipient is Dr. Jennifer Puck, who has pioneered screening for severe lymphocyte disorders among newborns using dried blood spots. Dr. Puck is a professor of pediatrics at UCSF and will be speaking in the session "Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses to Infection" and Sunday, May 19th (8:15 AM to 10:45 AM). This session is also organized by Division V, so we would appreciate your attendance for this session if at all possible.

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