University of Alabama - Birmingham

UAB medical school has a hospital complex with about 1000 hospital beds and 140 buildings covering more than 2 square kilometers.

UAB has scientists working in all areas of biomedical sciences including many principal investigators studying pneumococci.  For additional information, click here


to the Bacterial Respiratory Pathogen Reference Laboratory at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) located in Birmingham, AL, USA.  The reference laboratory is directed by Dr. Moon H. Nahm (email  The laboratory serves the vaccine community by providing reference materials, assay protocols, and additional vaccine-related information.  Scroll over the menu bar above to view available resources.

What's New...

  • We have released an updated version of the UAB-MOPA protocol (Version E.02, December 2014), click here

  • The NICE colony counting software is now available. For more information click here

  • The bridging of ELISA standard 89SF to the new standard, 007sp, is complete. For the 007sp assigned values and a description of how those values were determined click here. When 007sp is used in the ELISA, it must be absorbed with both C-PS and 22F PS. To request 007sp, please contact Dr. Mustafa Akkoyunlu ( 

  • MOPA users, we have recently had problems with the performance of optochin in the assay. Click here for details.

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